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I am Marta Misiak and this is Joy, my a little older now, loving collie girl, that has been through thick and thin with me.


I am an EFT therapist based in Sweden. I provide online therapy allowing me to offer my services to clients from different countries, in the comfort of their own home, regardless of their location.

It might feel that life throws at some of us some real shit, that leave us with emotional wounds. We might feel powerless and hopeless. We might think we are not worthy of love or deserving better... We might feel disappointed. We judge ourselves for how we were and behaved when that thing happened, we get scared, ashamed, so we choose to become numb to our feelings and bodies.


We stop loving ourselves.


We bury our emotions and as Hilary Jacobs Hendel says in her book It's not always depression, "When you bury emotions, you develop symptoms" like: stress, frustration, anxiety, digestion issues, pain, phobias, negative beliefs about ourselves, we suffer from insomnia, exhaustion, low energy... 

As an EFT therapist, I would love to try to help you overcome emotional pain and negative beliefs that were created a long time ago, and influence your present and future choices. I know what I'm talking about. I lived through 25 years of childhood trauma. You can read more about me in the section My Story: click.

I wish for you to understand your emotions and reactions, why you react the way you do, identify your triggers. You will learn to neutralise the negative impact they have on you and to deal with them, so you become free of their influence on you.


All of the above will allow you to "fire me" one day 😉. Yes, "fire me" -- because you will be able to deal with whatever life throws at you, knowing that you can always give me a call in case you need a hand in an overwhelming situation. We all experience situations that, at the beginning, are just too difficult to deal with on our own, and we need support to help us get through that most difficult point. You need it, I need it, others need it. It's human to need help and support. It's human to feel overwhelmed. So allow me to be that support for you.


You can read more about The kind of Therapist I aim to be here: click.

Welcome you to Love Your Life Again!

Certified EFT, NLP and IET Therapist accredited by

EFT International Ltd
Marta Misiak EFT Therapist Sweden

EFT sessions are available in English. 🇬🇧

EFT terapi är tillgänglig på svenska. 🇸🇪

EFT terapia jest dostępna po polsku. 🇵🇱

Are we a fit?

Your experience

  • you’ve tried traditional therapy and found it to be unsuccessful, unhelpful,

  • you feel that the therapists you’ve met with did not make you feel seen, heard, safe, or connected with you, and maybe even lacked the capacity to walk with you, through your past and present issues and experiences,

  • you feel it has wasted your time, emotional commitment, and money,

  • you’ve tried various methods but haven’t found “the thing” that works for you, to be able and to learn to deal with uncontrollable body reactions and negative emotions.

Your heart

  • you believe in love,

  • you believe that your body, mind, and emotions are connected and influence each other,

  • you believe you can heal and

  • you want to heal,

  • you want to receive help,

  • you are willing to show commitment to tap between sessions.

Your interests

​Some of your interests might be:

  • you’re interested in energy medicine such as chakras, acupuncture, reiki, meridians, yoga, meditation, etc, or you’re at least open-minded to it,

  • you believe there's more to life than what the material world offers,

  • you love animals and care about their well-being,

  • you enjoy listening to Alan Watts or others like him, reading books like "The untethered soul" by Michael A. Singer or "The myth of normal" by Gabor Maté, or similar. If not -- give it a try 😉,

  • you care about your health and emotions.

Your thoughts

  • you’ve tried yoga, meditation, breathing, acupuncture etc, but you feel that the symptoms like tension, stress, anxiety, digestion problems, weight problems, loneliness (Areas of work with EFT) keep returning and there’s something deeper that needs to be addressed,

  • you notice certain patterns in your life that do not bring you happiness, and you want to change them, but you don’t know how,

  • you believe that you are entitled to feel and manifest all emotions, not only the positive ones,

  • you want to understand what triggers your negative emotions, what created your negative patterns, how to get to the bottom of it and how to neutralise it if you choose to,

  • you’ve noticed that certain negative things in your life keep returning, even though you try to remove them (e.g. people you can’t rely on, not trusting others, unfulfilling relationships),

  • you have thoughts that stop you from doing what you want to, being who you want to be, living the life you want to live,

  • you want to address what has happened to you and its impact on you, but you’re scared to talk about it,

Some examples of how you might feel and think, that show we are A FIT:

  • you suppress negative feelings (like anger, frustration etc) and you don’t feel safe to express them,

  • you have difficulties setting your own boundaries for others,

  • you please people, try to fix them, heal them, help them, and they still leave you or don’t show you respect or love,

  • you feel certain people suck the energy out of you (emotional vampires),

  • you just want to be loved… for who you are…,

  • you want to belong or not to feel left out,

  • you leave your relationships completely burned out,

  • you feel you don’t belong, that you’re different, feel misunderstood and lonely, as if you were out of this world,

  • things that made you happy before don’t do it anymore, however, you do want to be happy again,

  • financial issues: Earth personalities would give everything away for free as long as they know that others' wellbeing is involved. Or is there a feeling of not being worthy and deserving to be paid for their services? Titanya Dahlin, daughter of Donna Eden from Eden Energy Medicine, used to give classes in The 5 Elements, just as they started with this course. When asked by her sister, Dondi, how the class went and how much money she made, she replied:

"It was really, really wonderful. I got an orange and a feather and a sage stick. I had a basket at the door that they were supposed to put the money in. As so, to start off the basket, I also wanted to welcome them to make a trade. It didn't have to be money. It could be a beautiful rock or something. And so, I started the basket with a couple of things in it, so they would know. Well, they took those things. Someone ate the piece of fruit I had put in, and then someone put a feather, an orange and a sage stick. My class was in a little cottage. It didn't start on time, and it didn't end on time as I was Earthing up the people, giving them cookies afterwards." 😂😆❤️

I wish we all could live on air and love and money didn’t exist 😉, as I strongly believe that money has no heart and soul, although this world seems to prove us otherwise.

Maybe you recognise some of the above points, maybe all, or maybe there are other things that I haven’t included here but might bring up similar emotions. Regardless of that, know that it is free, it costs nothing, to contact me and talk to me during our 1 hour long information session

Are we a fit
Some examples of are we a fit

The kind of therapist I aim to be

One of the most moving feedbacks I received from one of my clients was:

"You're amazingly human and connecting.The way yo do things is just heartwarming."

I’m not here to sell you quick fixes that will make you feel better right away, but after a while leave you even emptier than you were before.

I aim for a WIN-WIN situation. Win for you and Win for me. How? What am I talking about? I am talking about no traps. During our 1-hour free information session, we get to feel each other's vibe. You are free to choose to work with me or leave. You are free to take a break and pause the sessions. If something doesn't feel comfortable, you can tell me about it, and I will not judge you -- the sessions are for you.


I want you to feel safe and confident choosing me as your therapist. I am not going to chase you, or use the "dirty marketing" tricks that so many companies and people use. You know, the "only 3 places left!" where in reality no one signed up yet. Or a picture of me in glasses, looking old and experienced, wearing some kind of blanket over my shoulders, and a pipe in my mouth -- trying to sell you a look. No... I look normal. Younger than I am. If you read "My story" section and my blog "Living with a Borderline parent", you'll find out I'm 80 years old, on the inside. That is thanks to the trauma experience I have with me. That is probably why dating men in my own age is not easy, I am simply too old for them 😂.

I have lived through 25 years of childhood trauma thanks to my parents, one of them with Borderline Personality Disorder. I have healed many wounds from the past, and I'm healing those that keep surfacing. I've experienced discrimination, bullying, sexual assault and rape. I have gone through stages of dealing with my own emotions, wounds, healing, being determined to heal, being tired of healing, being proud of how much I've done, and wondering "how much more is there, that I don't know about?"


I have gained knowledge how to deal with these issues and I have the life experience, but I am not flashy about it, I’m shy in that respect. I simply, genuinely want to try to help others, as I want others to know that:


It is possible to stop with those unhappy and unfulfilling relationships. It is possible to stop caring about others at your own expense. It is possible to feel worthy and deserving others' love, just because you are. It is possible to learn how to set boundaries... And I know it is possible to work through that shit that happened to you. And it doesn't have to be traumatic and empty. It can be full of compassion, empathy, laugh, and tears.

It is possible to love yourself and your life again.

I needed help when I was a child and a teenager, but I didn’t get any. Not only that. When I was 15 I talked to my first psychologist. After the whole 15 min Ms Psychologist told me that I was spoiled, to pull myself together, get a job and move out. Due to that, I didn't look for help for another 23 years. That psychologist made me believe that I was the problem, and that the “abnormal” was “normal”.

The "abnormal" left me burned out, and in my mid 30s I again reached out for help to “traditional” therapy that failed me miserably… Again... I paid for products and services that sold me a picture of how good I would feel afterwards… And it was only a picture they sold me… 


Until, I found an EFT therapist Andy Bryce, that had been there for me, connected with me, and not only was my support when I finally opened my eyes and touched the core of the “abnormal normal”, but also taught me methods to handle stressful and negative situations. He was my support when I decided to change myself and my life, slowly becoming the person I have always felt inside I wanted to be, to live the life that makes me happy.

And I aim to be exactly that.

...therapist I am to be
  • the therapist who wants to be your support during the sessions and create a safe environment for you,

  • the therapist who knows that what you went through doesn’t define you, but it has done things to you, inside of you,

  • the therapist who has the capacity and capability to hear things others have difficulties with, so they're looking at the notepad, no eye contact, being shocked themselves,

  • the therapist who is not afraid of being a part of the process and listening to your „stuff”

  • the therapist who doesn’t feel sorry for you but feels sad that “things” happened to you,

  • the therapist who have feelings and is not a cold, ignoring, “looking at my notepad” manikin (having feelings allows me to connect with you)

The kind of therapist I aim to be


„Trauma is not the bad thingsthat happened to you,but what happens inside of you,as a result of what happened to you”Dr. Gabor Maté

  • the therapist who during the sessions teaches you techniques (EFT and NLP) so that, once you feel ready, you leave me being able to deal with whatever shit hits the fan in your life,​

Get in Touch EFT Therapist

The very first meeting is an Information Session. It lasts 1h and is free of charge. This is the meeting during which you have a chance to decide whether you feel comfortable with me, if we connect and if you'd like to continue working with me as your therapist. There's no right or wrong. Go with your feeling.

Marta Misiak EFT Practitioner, EFT Therapist
What the Information Session is:

During the information session, we have a chance to among others:

  • feel if we like each other's vibe,

  • feel if we are a fit,

  • feel if there’s a bond between us that makes you feel safe,

  • feel if we want to work with each other,

  • explain what EFT is and how to tap,

  • discuss the finances,

  • discuss the frequency of the sessions,

  • discuss breaks and pausing the sessions, and more.

What the Information Session is not:

  • a session in its self, when we start using EFT and NLP and try to help you with a specific issue,

Why this way? To create a safe environment. So, you can just take it easy this first time, feel no pressure that you have to open up before me right away. Think about it as if we were getting a coffee together. What the heck, grab that hot beverage and let's just have a chat 😊☕️🥐.

EFT Practitiner Therapist Marta Misiak

Strömstad, Sweden

LoveYourLifeEFT (@)

Tel: +46 727 919 609

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