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EFT and tapping on a high-energy dog

Is it possible to tap on an animal and how we feel about certain way towards a certain behaviour? Yes, we can.

Is it possible to tap on an animal when we see it in distress? Yes, it is.

The principle is similar to the tapping we do on ourselves.

I've done tapping on my dog:

  • when she was scared of a thunderstorm or any heavy rain, even to the point that any rain was causing her distress,

  • for her back pain,

  • for her getting restless when I was not able to go out or play with her after being operated on.

The first two were multiple tapping sessions.

Today, I'd like to give an example on how to tap when we have a so-called "high-energy" or "reactive" dog.

My opinion is that no dog is high-energy or reactive. They might be:

  • bored,

  • do not get enough mental or physical stimulation,

  • being left alone to themselves (trophy pet) - what a sad life!

  • ignored, not cared for,

  • experiencing stress and anxiety.

So, that the energy builds up and becomes irritating, even destructive. Think how you'd feel being at home all the time, only let out to the toilet, watching the same TV seres on all the time, eating the same food, same same same thing every day. At some point, you'd explode. You'd want to do things, to go out, to meet people, have fun, right? The same is true with our lovely pets.

There's also another thing that a dog owner may miss:

  • food allergy,

  • paracites, worms.

anything on the inside that causes irritation -> frustration -> unease -> over-activeness. Check that out in the first instance.

OK, so we go to the tappin on, so called reactive dog.

I've read a message of a dog owner who felt burned out with the training. Some of the information provided was:

  • the feeling of burnout,

  • lots of energy and time spend on the training with no or small results,

  • doing all right things: short session, play time, fetch, tug,

  • the dog just doesn't get tired,

  • young dog,

  • leash walking and training loose leash unsuccessful,

  • the dog doesn't relax for a moment,

  • mouthiness,

  • can't perform any grooming on the dog,

  • the owner loosing it's patience,

  • feeling of frustration,

  • exhaustion.

We, who have dogs, know exactly how it feels. When I taught my Joy walk on the leash, I'd come home, let her stay in the living room, whereas I myself would have gone to the bedroom to cry my eyes out because I made mistakes during the training, because I pulled the leash, my thoughts: "Did I cause you any pain with that?". I'd feel guilty of causing her any discomfort and stress.

At other times, I'd lose my patience and become frustrated that she didn't do things the way I wanted. Of course, it would turn out, as always, that it was the "driver's mistakes" - I didn't do, show, explain correctly to her or misunderstood the instructions myself... 🤣.

But, emotions come up suddenly and we are not always thinking clearly.

Here's an example of tapping on your dog that is very active and you feel you're losing it.

Be nice to yourself and do some EFT (tapping) on your emotions. You can’t go wrong here, you can’t overdose or anything.

This is an example of wording. You choose what resonates with you. What doesn't - replace with your own wording that reflects you.
Repeat the whole cycle until you feel calm. For EFT to work you have to be specific, that is why it is difficult to make it "one size fits all". That is why it's important that you use your words.

Let's start:

Side of hand: Even though I feel this burn-out with training, I deeply and completely love and accept myself (repeated 3 times)

Eye brown (EB): this burnout
Side of the eye (SE): this burnout
Under the eye (UE): this burnout
Under the nose (UN): we make so little progress
Chin (Ch): although I’m trying sooo hard
Under collarbone (UC): I’m doing everything correct
Under the breast (UB): I keep the sessions short
Under the arm (UA): give him lots of outdoor play
Top of the head (TH): running and fetching... WHAT ELSE CAN I DO?

EB: this burnout
SE: this burnout I’m feeling
UE: he never relaxes
UN: not for a second
Ch: is it because he’s young?
UC: maybe that’s why
UB: but it’s exhausting 
UA: I’m exhausted
TH: by his high drive

EB: we’re struggling with loose leash walking
SE: mouthiness
UE: it's so difficult
UN: I can't do any grooming
Ch: I can’t trim his claws
UC: he doesn't allow me to do it 
UB: I loose my cool
UA: I yell
TH: I get frustrated
(repeat this twice or more if needed)

Do you notice any reactions in your body when you feel that frustration and burnout? Note:
- where it is in your body 
- the shape
- the colour
- the sound it makes
- is it warm, cold
- is it 3D or 2D
- is it moving etc
and include that in tapping. Do a couple of rounds on that:

EB: this feeling I have in my heart area (use your place)
SE: it's full of waterfall
UE: it's full of tears
UN: it's vibrating and spraying the tears all around my heart
Ch: my heart area
UC: this feeling of sadness and helplessness
UB: this waterfall
UA: these tears
TH: this vibration
(repeat this twice or more if needed)

Continue this way and use the words that come to you, your feelings, if you want to cry, cry, until you feel calm.

You can also do EFT towards the dog. I’ve done EFT with my dog, on her back pain, on my guilt feelings for pushing her too much during training, her being scared during a thunderstorm, etc. and it helped me and her. Say what you feel, how he might be feeling and use the same sequence. For example:

Side of hand: Even though you are a high-drive dog and it’s a lot for me, I deeply and completely love and accept myself (repeated 3 times)

EB: you’re a high drive dog
SE: you’re a high drive dog
UE: it’s so tiring for me
UN: it feels it’s beyond my skills and capabilities 
Ch: I feel frustrated
UC: and it hurts me
UB: I love you and I want what’s good for you
UA: I want you to learn to relax
TH: so that your life is better

Continue like this a couple of rounds (or more if needed). Adjust the wording so that it resonates with you.

You can then go to how you see him:

Side of hand: Even though I see you like this (ex. "over reactive", "all over the place") and I feel helpless, I deeply and completely love and accept myself. (repeated 3 times)

EB: seeing you like this
SE: hurts me
UE: I am sorry I cannot do better
UN: I try my best
Ch: I feel like I’m failing you 
UC: and myself
UB: I want you to know 
UA: that I love you so much
TH: no matter high drive or not

EB: no matter „reactive dog” or not
SE: I will always love you
UE: and do the best I can
UN: so you have the best life you can
Ch: I wish you could relax a bit when we do your grooming
UC: I wish you’d be calm and allow me
UB: to groom you 
UA: you can be like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman
TH: and I will fix your little paws so you’re pretty like her

EB: when I see you running all over the place
SE: you cannot relax
UE: what is it that makes you do that?
UN: I don't know anymore what to do!
Ch: seeing you like this
UC: I wish you could tell me
UB: you could show me
UA: seeing you hyperactive
TH: you hyperactive

Continue with whatever you feel and however you see him, what you wish for him and how difficult it can be for you, until you feel calm. Use the words that come to you, that resonate with you and reflect your feelings.

And a picture with tapping points (my own creation 🤣). For all the points, please see my website:

EFT tapping points body
EFT tapping points body


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