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How I use EFT and NLP in my life - dizziness and nausea after the operation.

Two days after my operation for reconstruction of ACL, I got dizzy and nauseous. Probably side effects of the painkillers. The dizziness and nausea were unbearable. On scale 0 -10 (where 10 is very distressing), it was 8. So I tapped:

Side of the hand (SH):

Even though I feel dizzy and nauseous, I deeply and completely love and accept myself. x3 (repeated 3 times)

Eyebrow (EB): this dizziness 

Side of the eye (SE): and nausea 

Under the eye (UE): this dizziness

Under the nose (UN): and nausea

Chin/under lower lip (CH): this dizziness

Collarbone (CB): and nausea

Under the arm (UA): this dizziness

Top of the head (TH): and nausea

EFT and dizziness

EB: these painkillers

SE: they make me feel dizzy

UE: and nauseous

UN: this painkillers

CH: affect my body

CB: my mind

UA: my wellbeing

TH: I feel sick

Image by Felix from Pixabay

EB: I feel sick

SE: I feel dizzy

UE: my head feels dizzy

UN: these painkillers

CH: they make me feel sick

CB: in my stomach

UA: in my head

TH: this dizziness and nausea 

EB: sick and nauseous

SE: sick and nauseous

UE: in my stomach

UN: dizzy in my head

CH: as if the head and the stomach were connected

CB: as if there was a thread going between my head and stomach

UA: when the head feels dizzy

TH: the stomach feels sick

EB: this thread 

SE: connecting my head and stomach

UE: when the head moves and gets dizzy

UN: the stomach feels sick

CH: this thread

CB: pulling in both directions

UA: dizzy and sick

TH: dizzy and sick 

(here comes the NLP, I normally ask myself questions as if I was my own client, that creates a flow and works great if I get stuck; the answers you get in NLP are very subjective, personal and the solutions people come up with are no like others - it is because we all see and experience things according to our emotions, background, life experience etc., there's no right or wrong here, you are who you are)

How does the dizziness looks like?

(continuously tapping on all the points)

like a watercolour, blurred, colourful painting

moving left and right

like a ship on a rough sea

and whenever it moves, I feel dizzy and the stomach goes crazy

What can you do about it?

I can cut the thread between the head and the stomach so it doesn’t react to the painting

Do you want to do it? Does it feel safe to do it?


If so, cut the thread and see what happens.

the thread is cut and the stomach relaxes, it is not affected by the head and dizziness anymore

The blurry, colourful, watercolour paining - I want you to make it black and white.

Then make it clear, so that you can clearly see what’s in it.

About the movement of the painting, what can yo do about it?

I can stabilise it… like, to put in on a chicken’s head 😂, chicken’s head keeps balance no matter what happens to the body, no matter how much the rest moves, the head stays in balance so that would be good, to put both the painting and my head on such stabiliser, so even though everything around seems to be floating and drifting the head sees a stable picture

How does it feel now?

Much better, the vision is clear, no unnecessary distractions like colours, and stable, all is stable

(I did two rounds more)

EB: these painkillers

SE: they affect me

UE: my body

UN: my mind

CH: my wellbeing

CB: there’s nothing to do about it now

UA: that’s the side effects

TH: the side effects of the medication

EB: I can fight it or

SE: I can relax into it

UE: I can release it

UN: I'm not gonna pump my stomach because of it 😉

CH: or cut my head off 😆

CB: I let it go

UA: these are only side effects

TH: these are only side effects

After the tapping and applying some NLP the uncomfortable feeling went down to 4. I still felt „slow” in my head but the stomach was unaffected. 

Yes, the chicken head part is funny. That's the charm of EFT and NLP - you are who you are and the thoughts flow freely through you, allowing you to go to places that your conscious mind would only criticise and reject. The tapping does not have to be serious every time. There's time and place for everything.


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