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EFT, NLP, Energy Medicine and Talk Therapy in one

As an EFT therapist, I would love to try to help you overcome emotional pain and negative behaviour patterns that were created in your past, and influence your present and future choices.


I wish for you to learn techniques that will allow you to understand your emotions, why you react the way you do, to neutralise the negative impact it has on you and to deal with it, so you become free of its influence on you.

My experience with the "traditional" therapy.

I have sought help with so called "traditional" therapy: psychologists. I have worked with 3 psychologists and 1 welfare officer and I met with:

- Ignorance and unconcern,

- Noncomprehension and inability to tune into me,

- Making me feel that their notebook was more interesting than me, as they kept staring at it instead of looking at me,

- Interruptions during sessions, such as answering text messages from other clients and fixing prescriptions,

- Looking at me as if they felt pity for me

- Gasping and making comments "Oh My God...", "I feel sorry for you" and "I cannot help you, this is too difficult" using tone that seemed close to tears.

And the worst of all:

- Making me engage with an intensive emotion, memory, or thought as soon as the session started, only to leave me all on my own with it after 45 minutes, highly emotional... so every week I'd enter a traumatic feeling that would cause my body to shake. I'd be left alone to deal with and calm myself down, only to forget about it during the week (in order to function normally), just to take it up again... and so it was, every week, every session...

- I was not taught any methods on how to work on issues myself between the sessions or how to deal with minor, stressful, and/or irritating situation. 

Cactus Plant
My experince with traditinal therpsy (psychlogists)
Succulent Plant

"If it's hysterical,it's historical"

Why EFT and NLP?

I am going to describe here shortly why I choose to work using EFT and NLP as I'd like to include the whole story in the section "My story".

The reason why I have decided to work with Emotional Freedom Techniques and Neuro-Linguistic Programming is because I have used them both as self-applied methods and with a certified EFT Practitioner, for many years now, to heal my own emotional wounds from the past.

I tried yoga and I tried meditation. I tried breathing. I liked it but It helped me only with the symptoms. The symptoms were coming back again and again...


The symptoms are a way for the body and subconscious mind to tell you that there's an issue that has deeper roots. I needed to get to the bottom of issues to stop the symptoms.


I was also supposed to feel grounded after the classes, but that expression was as unknown to me as calculation of go/no-go reentry point for Friendship 7 😆. What does it mean to feel grounded?


Our brain and body registers an emotionally loaded issue and encodes it in our amygdala and hippocampus. Whenever our subconscious finds a situation similar to the remembered one, it fires up all the red lights, rockets and sirens it has - physical reactions. It's like driving a car: you automatically scan the road and environment for any speeding/breaking cars, kids or pets running out on the road, derbies, holes in the road, sings - anything that could cause you act promptly to avoid a danger.

EFT has helped me to stop that scanning for my negative past experiences (trauma) in my environment (not for the danger when I'm driving 😉).

Those things eased up some of the symptoms I had but none of them helped me heal my emotions and body, like EFT has done:

  • It has helped me to reduce and eliminate negative emotions associated with my past, my memories, my family, my unmet needs of love, and safety, and belonging (see the point below about emotions to understand it better),

  • Don't misunderstand, I did cry and I did feel anger and sadness during the sessions but at the end of the tapping I was calm and I didn't feel left alone (vs. the traditional therapy where I would just feel frustration and the need to understand, the constant "why" in my head, + my whole body would shake),

  • It allowed me to access the buried emotions, that I didn't know I had (at some point in my life, anger was covered up by disappointment, sadness and resignation, numbness even),

  • I stopped having physical reactions like:

- digestion problems,

- my abdominal shaking like crazy in a stressful situation,

- one of my fingers stopped having open wounds,

- pain in the low back, pain in the neck, some shoulder pain (still working on those), pain in my right piriformis muscle,

- itchiness and dandruff of my scalp.

  • I learned how to deal with stressful situations,

  • I learned to listen to my body, to my gut feeling - that's being grounded (!)

  • I learned to understand my emotions - they are there to tell me something about a person, situation, myself - again, being grounded (!)

  • I learned to accept my emotions for what they are without the nonsense of that I shouldn't feel this or that - grounded (!)

  • and because of the things above I am able to analyse why I have these "negative" emotions, tap on them and come to the core issue of what triggers them so I can let them go, so I can deactivate the "red buttons" that were installed by my family and the negative surrounding, that I have been carrying with me since childhood - this is the most important skill I have learned! 

  • I wasn't left alone, high on emotions, when finishing my therapy sessions with an EFT Practitioner. 

If used properly by a compassionate therapist, who has worked through their own trauma, EFT and NLP are great tools to help a person.


I would love others to have the chance to heal their emotional wounds and body, and to gain the knowledge how to deal with any possible future issues.

And these are the reason to why I have chosen to work using EFT and NLP.

I still do yoga and breathing as I simply like it. I do kind of a meditation - I enhance it with tapping at the same time.

EFT effectivness
Why EFT and NLP?
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